Web video creation

At Wolf we create awesome, story driven, web videos. If they’re for your business, we tell the most important parts in 30-seconds or less. That’s about the average attention span of a web viewer (particularly if they’ve been supping caffeine by the gram). If we’re making your online video ads we know we’ve got about 5-seconds to grab their attention.

We generally make these for YouTube and Vimeo, but they can be output and hosted in anyway you like. We can also edit and output your video to be placed in banners and we can help you buy media to extend their reach.

Any video you place on your site, or that links to your site, increases your Google ‘juice.’ This helps your site rank more effectively against competitors, because Google deems your video, and any relevant links, useful for web users.

We’ve written some posts about product videos.

You can see product videos we’ve made.

Or review our process…